David Weiner

Crisis Communications Manager at JPMorgan Chase

I worked with Ken many times from 1998-2001 when I was a Training Manager at Frito-Lay. Ken was an integral part of our New Hire Training program and was frequently recognized as the participants’ favorite speaker / activity of the week-long course. Ken possesses that rare combination of Expert Knowledge with the ability to connect. His needs analysis is spot on and he always does an amazing job of linking his content to real-life, real-world scenarios. Hire Ken Boxer and your organization will benefit!

Tom Keith

Retired Federal Government Executive

As the Associate Director for Acquisition and Logistics at NIH from 2006-2012, I had multiple opportunities to call on Ken to help us improve many of our business processes. Each of those opportunities proved unqualified successes for my organization. As well, Ken helped develop and execute several strategic planning sessions, organizational team work exercises, and provide personal coaching to my senior staff of government managers. His company’s help was key in seeing each of these initiatives succeed, and his organizational coaching skills more than once improved many of my junior and senior leaders strategies for leading a diverse and talented work force.

Marty Keller Emory

Manager at Smithsonian Institution

Ken Boxer is a results-oriented professional who demonstrates expertise, knowledge, and commitment to his work and to his clients.

Joe Colantuoni

Assistant Manager, Ocean City Library

Ken worked with my senior team to help us reach our full potential. He also worked with me as a senior coach and advisor. If I were to need leadership or strategic partnering I would turn to Ken again.

Sita Ramaswami

Manager, South Investments at IFC – International Finance Corporation

Ken is a results oriented service provider who is adept at understanding client needs and delivering custom designed services, in my case, a project management training course. He is responsive, delivers high quality results and provides excellent “after sales service” in the form of interesting newsletters and webinars.


Mindy Zasloff

Human Resources Consultant at People Skills are an Art

Ken always thrives to do what is best for the client and exceeds their expectations. He listens intently to client issues, and is an expert at zeroing in on the precise recommendation/course of action required. He values strong relationships with his clients, and will do whatever is necessary to provide excellent services. There would be no doubt in my mind that Ken would be an exemplary resource to use, and that he can be trusted to succeed in any assignment that he would be involved in.

Robert Clerman

Independent Consultant

Ken connects people and capabilities to create solutions for clients. He relentlessly communicates with all parties, especially with clients, throughout a project. Ken’s unwavering commitment to his clients’ success has been reciprocated with their loyalty as reflected in follow-on and referral engagements.

Barbara Hemphill

Founder, & CEO, Productive Environment Institute- Speaker, Consultant & Author

I have had the pleasure of working with Ken Boxer on several occasions, and am impressed with his ability to quickly identify the challenges an organization faces, and to develop workable solutions to get employees on track to productivity and profitability.

Nana J Ndur-Osei MS

Project Anaylst/Coordinator (Consultant) at Department of Veteran Affairs

Ken Boxer is a diligent professional and genuinely cares for the well-being of his clients. He is intentional and passionate in providing service and will go beyond the call of duty to ensure that his customers are satisfied. As a result of these qualities, past customers seek him out for repeat business and refer him for organizational development projects both in the private sector as well as in the Federal Government space.

Jonathan Ward, PCC

Organizational Strategy Execution Consultant and Executive Coach

Ken Boxer is one of those rare Washington DC area consultants who is equally skilled at consulting to the Government and to the private sector. He has an extensive network of contacts, with whom he maintains excellent relationships, enabling him to stay current on the most-pressing issues faced by leaders in today’s organizations. He is generous with his time, listens closely, and quickly gets at the heart of the situation. He assembles highly-qualified teams of consultants when necessary to ensure that his clients’ requirements are fully satisfied. Always an optimist, and always able to deliver on his commitments, there is no problem that Ken can’t help a client find a way to resolve.  I had the good fortune to work with Ken on several organizational development projects both for the Federal Government and private industry. Ken built and led diverse teams that were targeted to the situation at hand. He had a highly-collaborative management style that was a refreshing change from other consultancies with which I had worked. I can’t thank Ken enough for his kindness, generosity, support, and encouragement – and his balanced feedback. I am a much more effective consultant and coach today because of what I learned by working with Ken.

Barbara Zakheim

President, Keith R. Scott Associates, LLC

I worked with Ken for several years, during which time I learned that Ken is an expert in the leadership training and organizational development field. With many years of experience supporting the Federal government, Ken provides quality output, reliable service and creative approaches. He is a diligent consultant and manager offering a significant return on investment to his clients.

G. Lee Salmon

Executive Coach and Principal, Learning for Living, LLC 

I would like to recommend Ken as a business partner and colleague over several years. He is a talented professional consultant and entrepreneur. I’ve always admired his commitment to providing customers with brilliant solutions and extraordinary customer service. He’s one of the best.

Kelly Fairbairn

President of PPS International Limited (home of Lockwood Leadership International and SkillTeach) • Director of SyNet

Over the ten years that I have known and worked with Ken, I’ve noticed three things:

1)    He is authentic and engaged — genuinely caring about the client, the result and the effect of each engagement.

2)    He uses the talents of others to their greatest ability — matching individuals with projects and tasks that are not only suitable to their skills, but interesting to their preferences.

3)    He puts in the effort it takes to understand clients and their unique needs, organizational culture and strategy.

As a partner on projects and as a colleague, these qualities make for a true professional.

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