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Interpersonal or Intrapersonal?

What’s the primary source of frustration for you in your organization?   If you’re like many, the inability to move people towards a certain goal ranks high on your list.  Interpersonal relationships can be tough.  If only everyone saw it your way. The reality, of course, is that this is a two way street.  Their inability […]

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Do You Need a Whack on the Side of Your Head?

More specifically, do you need help embracing your creativity? I can hear some of you saying right now, “what creativity”? Relax, you’ve got it.  Even if you don’t think you use it often, it’s there.  Let’s figure out how to brush it off a bit. Ready? If you haven’t read the book referenced in this […]

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How Do You Evaluate Effectiveness?

As the summer begins its march to fall, we’re all getting back in the game, and if history is any indication, projects will soon begin to multiply. Which means hiring will be on the upswing, as well.  As we all know, hiring is an expensive and extensive process.  In fact, by the time you’ve advertised […]

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Clear As Mud?

Have you ever been in a conversation where the more someone spoke, the worse it got? Where no matter how many explanations received or questions asked, the result was the same: a complete and total lack of a concise message? Yup.  Clear as mud! Sometimes, I’m pretty sure it’s the speaker.  Sometimes, I’m embarrassed to […]

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“Can We Talk?”

Seriously..Can we? There’s certainly no shortage of global issues these days.  In every news story I hear or read, one of the things that strikes me is the lack of communication between the parties. Issues between two or more parties will always exist.  We have different ways of looking at the same issue, different ways […]

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