Help Yourself by Helping Others

Yep.  It’s true.  To be a better leader, you need to be a mentor. We talk often about the mentee from why an employee might benefit from having a mentor and how to structure the mentoring relationship to formalizing (or not) a mentoring program in your organization. We measure how the mentee grows, takes on […]

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Rock on, Q4!

“Hey Sisyphus. That’s some rock you’re pushing up the hill!” Don’t you just feel like that some days?  Pushing a rock up hill, hoping it doesn’t roll back down on you? Just to clarify, in the original myth, Sisyphus was condemned for eternity to push a boulder up the hill and having it roll down, […]

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Ou est la salle de bain?

Remember when you didn’t know where the bathroom was located and asking just seemed to be announcing the obvious (that you needed to use it…right then)? How a new employee is treated in the early days with your organization lays a foundation that either brings them into the corporate culture or repels them.  And these […]

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