Ken’s Greatest Success Stories of 2013

Ken broomball pal 062013As we finish out 2013, I want to reflect on some of our latest successes working with clients.

Organizational Challenges

The following are several situations I have had the privilege of helping clients address:

  • Executive transitioning into a new role, leading a global organization, and needing to leverage synergies throughout the organization and create buy-in to organizational improvements.
  • Federal government agency, facing organizational changes as a result of reorganization and need to improve customer service.
  • Fortune 1000 corporation, needing to reduce unwanted turnover in organization.
  • Federal agency needing to improve skills of managers and employees in responding to recently updated performance management system.
  • Nonprofit organization, with feedback from employees, address lack of awareness regarding career opportunities and evidence of low morale.
  • Organization responding to lowering employee satisfaction data with need to enhance leadership skills throughout the organization.
  • Federal government agency needing to do a better job to engage and retain a diverse workforce, in-service of contributing to mission success.

Critical Success Factors

Some of the key ingredients of our interventions that have helped clients achieve real breakthroughs included:

  1. Collecting data on the current state of the organization, before designing the most appropriate intervention and serving as a benchmark for organizational improvements.
  2. Conducting strategic planning sessions with executive teams that provide them with an objective balanced assessment of the organization, help them create a zone of focus, clarifying what is relatively most important, and implementing tools to help refine plans.
  3. Designing communication tools to communicate the rationale for organization development initiatives and what actions are expected from employees.
  4. Identifying core competencies to help connect learning and development to organizational priorities.
  5. Structuring exercises that allow employees to provide honest feedback and are delivered in such a way that allow facilitators to respond to input in the moment.
  6. Customizing training to help participants immediately apply concepts to real situations they face in their daily work.
  7. Developing in-house capabilities to follow-up in identifying easy to implement tools to help track the results of interventions.
  8. Leveraging technology to design blended learning solutions that maximize classroom time.
  9. Implementing assessment tools to help clients evaluate the success of initiatives.
  10. Implementing processes that serve as a refresher and/or reinforcement of training, consulting, and/or coaching interventions.

Return on Investment

Some of the results we have helped clients achieve during the past 20 years include:

  • Recognition of the design of our performance management training as a best practice by the U.S. Office of Management and Budget.
  • $250,000 ROI from increase revenues and/or cost savings, directly attributed to application of concepts taught in training program from participants.
  • Hundreds of follow-up conversations with employees as a direct result of training, that also resulted in improvement in employee satisfaction.
  • Online tool kit, reported as #1 visited web link by employees.
  • Reduction of automobile break-ins, as a direct result of police chief changing communication strategies to enlist ideas.
  • Reduction of unwanted turnover, including recognition by industry trade association.
  • $500,000 with one client from cost savings as a direct result of strategic planning, executive coaching and training intervention.

Your Perspective

What are some of the successes that you are most proud of in 2013?

What would you single out as key ingredients of your accomplishments?  What was the one thing that “tipped the scale”?

What data did you get from your customers that provided evidence of your value add?

I hope that that the above synthesis of some of our successes helps prompt you to reflect on your own success in 2013 and serves as a boost to improve performance in 2014.

Happy New Year!

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