Meet Ken Boxer, Founder of Boxer Advisors

Ken BoxerKen Boxer, Founder of Boxer Advisors, is a principal consultant with over 25 years of experience, who works with Federal agencies and corporations to more effectively engage and retain top talent, develop leaders, and enhance customer and employee satisfaction.  He has helped clients develop partnerships with internal and/or external clients, translate insights into action to realize return-on-investment from training, consulting or coaching interventions, and identify and integrate “best-in-class” learning and organizational development solutions.

Through the years, he worked with such organizations as Lockheed Martin Corporation, Crown Central Petroleum, Frito-Lay, Inc., Marriott Corporation, McCormick Spice, Texas Instruments, and numerous federal government agencies, including the U.S. Departments of Health & Human Services, Agriculture, and Commerce.

How did you start Boxer Advisors?

With decades of experience, I founded Boxer Advisors to help corporate and government clients enhance customer and employee satisfaction and realize a real return-on-investment from the highest quality consulting, training and coaching services.

I started Boxer Advisors based on three core beliefs:

  1. The importance of helping clients develop strategic partnerships with both their internal and external clients.
  2. The value as a trusted advisor to help clients translate insights into action, increase their self-awareness of how to leverage their strengths, address critical improvement opportunities, and realize tangible benefits from consulting, coaching, and/or training intervention.
  3. The benefits to clients in developing long-term partnerships with consultants who have an understanding of their culture, can easily understand the specifics of their culture, and can recommend solutions to address specific needs.

What are your qualifications/background?

Founding Boxer Advisors has allowed me to leverage my gifts as an observer of organizational culture, quick synthesizer of data, innovative solutions recommender, gifted facilitator, and expert in implementing learning campaigns.

Boxer Advisors allows me the opportunity to leverage my experience working with 50 Federal agencies and numerous Fortune 1000 companies.

Prior to founding Boxer Advisors, I was the founder and managing partner of Strategic Partners, Incorporated. I regularly consulted with senior managers on the design and implementation of business plans and strategies to recruit, retain, and develop employees.

What organizations do you typically consult with?

Typical clients include Fortune 1000 corporations, nonprofit organizations and federal agencies and/or meet the following characteristics:

  • The client is looking for creativity and/or innovation from their consulting partner.
  • They really do want “best in class” coaching, training and/or consulting solutions.
  • They see value in our project management time and resources.
  • They are looking to us to help provide a mix or menu of solutions.
  • They see value from and want to access Boxer Advisors’ ROI capabilities.
  • They are looking to implement big enterprise-wide initiatives.
  • They can articulate the explicit changes, desired improvements, or outcomes that they are expecting to accrue to the organization as a result of our work.
  • They provide or have easy access to senior line management.

Why should an organization choose Boxer Advisors?

We help clients save time and money and identifying the right consulting, training or coaching solution to address their specific organizational challenges.

We provide our clients all the advantage of focus and flexibility of a small firm and the breadth and depth of resources of many international large consulting firm. We bring together a broad network of independent facilitators, consultants, and partner firms to offer a “best-in-class,” yet affordable suite of training, coaching, and organizational development resources. Our specialty is our ability to precisely meet your training requirements through partnering. We draw from more than 100 off-the-shelf course offerings that are easily adapted to our client’s environments, our best-in-class design team, and a cadre of industry experts from around the world.

The result is a cost-effective, highly relevant, and sustainable suite of programs delivered seamlessly by one company that can be delivered easily throughout any company or organization. Our proven ability to partner and bring together considerable, targeted resources for the benefit of an organization provides the best possible fit for meeting strategic objectives, even as they change over time.

How do you help a client measure results?

We help clients measure results by:

  • Helping them articulate organizational outcomes at the beginning of each client engagement.
  • Identifying easy to implement tools to help track the results of interventions.
  • Teaching our clients how to implement Level I through IV evaluation.
  • Implementing processes that serve as a refresher and/or reinforcement of training, consulting, and/or coaching interventions.
  • Conducting organizational assessments that serve as a benchmark for conducting after action impact assessments.
  • Implementing communication strategies to help clients communicate progress, engage key stakeholders and or celebrate accomplishments.

What is the expected ROI on your consulting?

The return on investment for each client is different, and specific to each client. Some of the results we have helped clients achieve during the past 20 years include:

  • $500,000 with one client from cost savings as a direct result of strategic planning, executive coaching and training intervention.
  • One client reported a 2.5x return on investment from leadership training.
  • Significant increase in employee in employee engagement.
  • 75 point increase in Fortune Magazine’s Best Companies To Work For.
  • $250,000 ROI from increase revenues and/or cost savings, directly attributed to application of concepts taught in training program from participants.
  • Documentation of approved budget as a result of recording application of training concepts.
  • Improved retention of key employees as a result of consulting and training.
  • Improvement of skills as conducted by follow-up assessment.
  • Hundreds of follow-up conversations with employees as a direct result of leadership training.

How do you see virtual work arrangements impacting your clients and your business?

Teleworking and/or working virtually has helped Boxer Advisors:

  • Provide our clients access to “best-in-class” solutions from around the world.
  • Allow our clients to leverage resources and teams from many locations.
  • Improved retention of talent by helping people enhance their work/life balance.
  • Lowered cost of doing business by reducing office space costs.
  • Improved quality of communication among team members, a direct result of communicating with multiple team members in multiple locations.
  • Improved productivity and quality of meetings.
  • Enhance flexibility of accessing the best resources for each client’s specific needs.

Boxer Advisors is a full-service consulting, training and coaching firm with more than 50 professional consultants, facilitators, and coaches and carefully selected partners providing services to Federal agencies and Fortune 1000 companies since 1996.

Contact us today to learn more.

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