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High Impact, Low Cost Solutions

store-pic1Boxer Advisors, LLC offers a selection of best-in-class consulting, training, and coaching solutions for quick, convenient online purchase. We will continue to increase our online products and services so please visit again soon.

If there are products and services not listed that you would like to see us offer, please let us know via email at

I. Create Partnerships With Clients

  • Partner Alignment Meeting
  • Creating Strategic Partnerships Webcast
  • Essentials of Consultative Partnering Public Workshop
  • Customized Holiday Card Personalization by Red Stamp
  • Executive Book Club

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II. Identify and Integrate Best-in Class Solutions

  • Career Development Assessment Tools
  • Training Tools
  • Organization Development Consulting

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III. Translating Insight into Action

  • Transformational Leadership Forum
  • Leadership Development Process Analysis
  • Leadership Training Needs Assessment
  • Putting Hard Numbers on Soft Skills: Defining and Measuring Impact for Leadership Development
  • Review of Current Evaluation Efforts
  • On-Site Measurement Consulting
  • Performance Management Coaching Session
  • “Selling Learning Interventions To Senior Executives” Webcast
  • Best Practices Research
  • Performance Support Tool Kit Public Workshop

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