Translating Insight into Action


How to Develop Presentation Skills that *Bring Home the Bacon:* A Proven Shortcut System to Gain Buy-in From Any Audience

Fundamentals of Presentation Skills for Managers. This will encompass an overview of our proven S3P3 System (The pillars of Substance, Structure, Style supporting a pyramid of Planning, Practicing and Presenting).  This system is the foundation for successful business presentations.

We will show you how get to the point in a bottom line, up front manner facilitated by *backward planning.” (Drafting 3-1-2 – Conclusion, Opening-Body), practicing with a realistic simulation -*Murder Board,* Positive body language and voice (how to avoid saying *Uh* and *You know, and how to use-and not misuse – PowerPoint.

Videotaping of five minute presentations by all participants.

Larry Tracy is one of the nation’s foremost authorities in Presentation Skills training for corporate and government executives. He has been cited as one of the top presentation skills coaches in the US in the publications  The Information Please Business Almanac and Sourcebook, published by Houghton-Mifflin, Best of the Best, published by Insight Publishing, and What to Say When… You’re Dying on the Platform, published by McGraw-Hill. His own book, The Shortcut to Persuasive Presentations, published by Imprint Books, distills the techniques he teaches in his executive workshops. Testimonials from readers can be viewed at He has delivered his presentation skills workshops to business executives, engineers, IT specialists, lawyers, and U.S. government officials.

A retired Army colonel, Larry Tracy formerly headed the Pentagon’s lead briefing team, responsible for daily intelligence briefs to the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff. He coordinated over 500 of these multimedia sessions, personally briefing the Chairman almost 100 times.

Booklet containing copies of PowerPoint slides and two-three  relevant articles.

Everyone who registers for this event will one a copy of Larry Tracy’s book, The Shortcut to Persuasive Presentations.
Date: June 13; 9:00 AM12:00 noon

Fee: $195.00 per person  [ Click to Order ]

Executive Advisory Services

It is remarkable how many smart, highly-motivated people rarely pause to contemplate their behavior.  Many are more inclined to move on than to reflect deeply, and many reach the top ranks without addressing their limitations. Boxer Advisors, LLC’s Executive Advisory Services helps them to slow down, gain awareness and notice the effects of their words and actions.  But it doesn’t end with self-awareness.

Our executive advisory service helps leaders change how they think and act and as a result impacts the improvement of morale, productivity, team effectiveness, employee retention, work quality, costs etc. Intangible benefits include systematically thinking more strategically, planning more effectively, communicating better, experiencing greater clarity of purpose, improving fiscal management, increasing customer satisfaction, and at the senior and executive levels increasing collaboration between units.

The hallmark of this service is helping executives translate insights into action, in essence helping them to understand key elements of feedback to improve on the job performance.

Fee: $3,000.00  [ Click to Order ]

Performance Support Tool Kit of Training Sustainers

Research indicates that one of the most important reasons for success of any training program is the level of support provided afterwards. To assist our clients with this very challenge, we have developed a menu of sustainers that we will help customize for each client; including:

  • Follow-up alumni meeting facilitated online or virtually
  • Recommendation of six follow-up emails to help reinforce core concepts of training workshop
  • Recommendation of four reinforcement articles
  • Collection of internal best practices to highlight how participants have applied concepts taught in the workshop back on-the-job
  • Facilitation of 90 minute workshop for managers on setting expectations before and providing reinforcement after training workshops
  • Conduct book review meeting to discuss learning from recent and relevant leadership book to serve as a reinforcement to core training
  • Pilot implementation of Tape Rental Library – extensive menu of audiotapes, videotapes and CD-ROMs to reinforce core competencies
  • Conduct development planning, brainstorming session to help identify on-the-job activities as a way to improve core competencies

The implementation of this performance toolkit will include selecting three sustainers and adapting the implementation to fit the client’s specific needs, requirements, and target audience.

Fee: $3,000  [ Click to Order ]

Leadership Development Process Analysis

In this engagement, clients benefit from a third-party view of the systems and structures in place to support development of leaders. The engagement includes an initial intake meeting with the client to outline goals and outputs and to gather existing data. The client receives a final report with prioritized recommendations and maintenance points, which can be used as feedback to the organization or to set a strategic direction for future leadership development offerings.

Fee: $2,470  [ Click to Order ]

Leadership Training Needs Assessment

This training needs assessment covers over 40 topical areas that leaders need to understand in order to manage their individual projects, direct reports, and technical aspects of their jobs. For organizations that want a rapid way to gauge what their leaders need in terms of training–this group report provides a structured way to collect and review the data. Assessment for up to 100 respondents. Raw data is provided to client.

Fee: $1,300  [ Click to Order ]

Putting Hard Numbers on Soft Skills: Defining and Measuring Impact for Leadership Development

A 90-minute executive in-house presentation to help you define the connection between the learning program and specific on-the-job behaviors that can be monitored and measured.

Fee: $3,000  [ Click to Order ]

Review of Current Evaluation Efforts

Comprehensive, independent review of evaluation efforts currently underway within your agency. This review will include an analysis of recent and ongoing activities and their effectiveness and a set of recommended actions required to modify and upgrade existing evaluation activities into vital measurement and goal attainment tools.

Fee: $5,000  [ Click to Order ]

On-Site Measurement Consulting

Comprehensive, on-site, 2-3 day consulting engagement. Includes an in-depth review of your current evaluation methods with opportunities to review course materials, sit in on classes, interview training staff, and conduct focus groups with leaders and employees who have been trained. It also includes a presentation to management of a comprehensive report with recommendations for specific improvements.

Fee: $7,500  [ Click to Order ]

Performance Management Coaching Session

The Performance Management Coaching Session is a 90-minute one-on-one session that will provide you with tailored tools to hold productive end-of-year performance discussions with your staff members.

Fee: $650  [ Click to Order ]

“Selling Learning Interventions To Senior Executives” Webcast

Lessons learned on how to most effectively sell learning interventions that senior executives will say approve and support.

Fee: $99 per person for public webinar  [ Click to Order ]
Fee: $1,250 for in-house session  [ Click to Order ]

Best Practices Research

We will conduct best practices research on how to develop leaders, engage and retain a diverse workforce, and drive organizational change.

Fee: $2,500  [ Click to Order ]

Performance Support Tool Kit Public Workshop

Overview of the most effective ways to kick off and/or reinforce learning interventions.

Fee: $495 per person [ Click to Order ]

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