Coaching Capabilities

Boxer Advisors brings a diverse pool of highly experienced executive and business coaches, most of whom have been certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and are involved with coach education and developing and influencing the standards of industry-wide coaching practice. They have worked together as a team and in sub-groups on a variety of large-scale projects requiring both coaching and organizational development expertise. When you choose Boxer Advisors for your coaching needs, you receive:

  • A cadre of highly experienced, seasoned coaches that help leaders focus on their improvement opportunities in a way that they improve their personal leadership skills and enhance their contribution to their organization.
  • A diversity of coaching styles and personal backgrounds.
  • Access to a variety of 360 evaluations and assessment tools that are easy for leaders to interpret and can easily be connected to organization specific core competencies.
  • Extensive experience helping clients implement assessment tools to calculate return-on-investment.
  • The ability to make program stakeholders look good.

Our extensive experience working with managers and senior-level executives in Fortune 1000 Corporations and in the Federal Government ensures a quick start and a smooth long-term program. Lessons learned from previous engagements allow our coaches to anticipate and avoid problems experienced by others. Since our coaches have worked with multi-national financial institutions, Federal Government agencies, not-for profit organizations, and multiple private sector companies, their learning curve is shorter and their ability to grasp organization-specific issues is high, thereby allowing them to quickly provide practical, tangible guidance.

Using approaches that draw from the body of knowledge related to: transformative change, appreciative inquiry, systems thinking, emotional intelligence, leadership, collaboration, conflict resolution, adult learning, integral theory, human development stage theory, and ontological and somatic coaching, we educate our clients. We provide a common lexicon with which to discuss breakdowns in the face of high-stake complicated circumstances, and deliver coaching support to individual leaders and, where appropriate to their teams, to improve interactions and reinforce learning.

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