Translating Insights Into Actions

Quick, what was the last a-ha moment you had?  You know, the kind that makes you sit up, slap yourself on the side of the head, and exclaim, “Why didn’t I see this before”?!

Now, what did you do with that information?  Hmm, still thinking?

We all have those insights.  We’re smart people.  Educated.  Aware.  And yet, turning those insights into real action is not so easy.

We’re creatures of habit.  Masters at rationalizing why our behavior is correct, despite evidence to the contrary.  Remember that old joke about the patient who says to the doctor, “Doc, every time I do THIS, it hurts”, and the doctor replying with the advice to just stop doing whatever THIS is?

In my years of experience consulting and coaching executives, I’ve seen more than my share shake their head after an encounter with a difficult person and wish aloud that they’d handled that differently.  Whether it’s interacting a team member, the Board of Directors, the upstairs brass or an aggrieved customer, when you do the same thing and expect different results, it’s…

…the definition of insanity.  Thank you, Mr. Einstein.  I bet if he were around to ask today, he’d admit to more than one of those insane moments; that he could so easily recognize and capture the definition.

The real truth is that unless you are able to change behavior, insights don’t matter much.  According to industry reports, U.S. organizations currently spend in excess of $1,000 per employee, per year, with the majority of those dollars going towards leadership consulting and development.

Is your share of that spending producing measurable results for your organization?

Do you know what the difference in earnings were for the top two golfers at the Master’s Tournament in 2013?  The top golfer earned $1,140,000, while the number two spot earned $864,000, a whopping $276,000 (an almost 25% differential), for what is often ONE STROKE.

Little changes really can make huge differences in the outcome.

At Boxer Advisors, LLC, we believe in consulting, coaching and training solutions that culminate in new skills and new behaviors.  It’s why we can say we turn Insights into Actions; because our clients consistently report measurable results and ROI.  When you or someone on your team needs mid-course corrections, no matter how small or how large, let us show you what we can do.  Call us today and let’s turn YOUR insights into action.

Boxer Advisors, LLC, is a full-service consulting, training and coaching firm with more than 50 professional consultants, facilitators, and coaches and carefully selected partners providing services to Federal agencies and Fortune 1000 companies since 1996.

Contact us today to learn more.

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