What Differentiates Boxer Advisors from Our Competitors?




These words describe Boxer Advisors and the commitment we bring to excellence.  Excellence in our programs for you; excellence in our collaborating with our informal partners; excellence in our internal organization.

After over 20 years providing consulting, training and coaching programs for executives and their teams in the greater DC-metro area, there are several ways in which we distinguish ourselves from our competitors.

Early to embrace the notion of teaming and informal partnerships, we are proud that we offer over 100 programs from C-level executive assessments to employee engagement workshops.  Were it not for the long standing and rewarding partnerships we have with outstanding firms and individual consultants, our reach and our ability to respond to our clients would be diminished.

Naturally, we not only embrace partnering, but are delighted to share with you ways to build, grow or enhance your own informal partnering. If you haven’t yet participated in our FREE webinars, please check here for information on our Partnering Webinars.

Our ability to be nimble and responsive to our client’s needs is another way in which we are different from our competitors.  I pride myself on working with you to give you exactly what you need, in the time frame that works for you.  My team here at Boxer Advisors feels the same way.  Because we are small, our responsiveness in greatly enhanced.  Our clients are the winners, each time.

With our small size, we are extremely competitive, price-wise.  In today’s world, where we recognize both the need to recruit, grow and challenge engaged employees while responding to demands to keep pricing in line, Boxer Advisors is an excellent choice to meet our clients’ dual needs.

Lastly, over the more than 20 years I have been working with organizations: public and private; large and small, we are pleased that we’ve gathered experience in numerous, specific organizations.  To be truly effective as a change agent, we believe that understanding YOUR culture is as important as presenting OUR expertise.  We know that in order for the material and the process to be as effective for you as its been for other clients, we need to spend the time to drill down and understand the players and the culture in your organization.  If you’re thinking about hiring a consultant, keep our client reported results in mind:

Support of a Change Initiative for a Large-Scale Organization: This included conducting organizational assessments, training, coaching and consulting services to help the organization manage restructuring and transition issues. After two years, a formal return-on- investment (ROI) study cited a seventy percent (70%) ROI equaling approximately $500,000 in dollars saved and/or productivity improvements.

Written, Detailed Analysis of the Environment Related to the Retention of Key Personnel:  The client reported a reduction in talent attrition within one year attributed to the success of this initiative.

Organizational Climate Assessment for a Commercial Client: This resulted in a “Diversity in the Preferred Workplace” initiative in which we provided a wide range of consulting, training and coaching solutions.   As result, the client reported a thirty (30) percent reduction in unwanted attrition.

Boxer Advisors offers a winning combination of small enough to be immediately responsive, yet large enough, through our informal partnerships, to offer world class programs.  If you haven’t recently looked at how we might help you, please visit us at www.boxeradvisors.com.

Boxer Advisors is a full-service consulting, training and coaching firm with more than 50 professional consultants, facilitators, and coaches and carefully selected partners providing services to Federal agencies and Fortune 1000 companies since 1996.

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